Full Map Over Egypt

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full map of egypt
Cairo Luxor Aswan Sinai Baharia Farafra Dakhla Kharga Western Desert Nile Valley
Some Main Distances in Egypt

Cairo to Alexandria: 320 kilometers / 200 miles
Cairo to Rashid in the Delta: 263 kilometers / 163 miles
Cairo to Fayoum Oasis: 103 kilometers / 64 miles
Cairo to Minia: 252 kilometers / 157 miles
Cairo to Abydos: 489 kilometers / 304 miles
Cairo to Luxor: 721 kilometers / 447 miles
Cairo to Edfu: 818 kilometers / 490 miles
Cairo to Aswan: 982 kilometers / 609 miles
Cairo to Abu Simbel: 1264 kilometers / 785 miles

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