To Media & Journalists


Camel with a message
First: One should at any time know the situation in Egypt,
follow the advise from your country's foreign department,
or/AND your own news office.

This is obvious, but the situation for individual journalists or television teams are not exactly normal these days.

Yes, there is a difference between reporting from within a conflict, and making an documentary on a newly found tomb of a pharaoh.

On this site you will find links to newspapers, important people on social media, maps and so forth.

For those who need, we can share our expertise & network:
- evaluation of productions, needed permissions in advance, risk analysis, logistics, and more - directly from those high enough in the system to provide trustworthy answers.

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Arnvid Aakre is an indie-pendent artist, writer, and lecturer. World & web citizen. He do 'one-man' projects to larger projects (as his multi artists based "Hatshepsut Project", under UNESCO HQ in Paris, patronage). Now working on the art project LAFIAS. He lived 15 years in Egypt (Luxor and Cairo), but today the Nileviking family live in Bergen, Norway.