John Romer
Ancient Lives

There is of course a lot of films about ancient Egypt, some better than others - but this I personally believe is the best documentary of them all. The egyptologist John Romer with his amazing serial of four programs abount the ancient lives in Luxor (Thebes/ Waset). The reason why I find this serial so important, is that it's not only about the kings and queens, but about the lives of the real people who lived here for more than three thousand years ago. John Romher produced this serial for Channel Four in 1984.

John Romer is now back in the limelight due to a fact he mentions in this serial, the royal tombs that must be located in another valley then the Valley of the Kings. Here is a story about this from 2013, in the program 60 minutes.

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Arnvid Aakre is an indie-pendent artist, writer, and lecturer. World & web citizen. He do 'one-man' projects to larger projects (as his multi artists based "Hatshepsut Project", under UNESCO HQ in Paris, patronage). Now working on the art project LAFIAS. He lived 15 years in Egypt (Luxor and Cairo), but today the Nileviking family live in Bergen, Norway.