For the ancient names on this map, find todays names in the text below.

map of Egypt with ancient names
Map of Khemet

Kemet which mean "the Black Land", most likely due to the black soil in the Nile Valley and Delta. Kemet was the name used for Egypt in pharaonic times.
Deshret on the other hand meant "the Red Land", and was the name for the desert areas.

Ancient Egyptian cities from north to south:

Tmn-Hor is todays Damanhur,
Raqote was a settlement where Alaxandria later was built,
Zau is more known as Sais, and today it's named Sa el-Hagar.
Pr-Banab Djedet is Tell al-Rub,
is Tanis city and
is Tell Basta where the famous cat temple lay in ancient times. There was no Cairo until one thousand years ago, but the capital of different period,
(Memphis) was on the west bank and Yunu on the east.
Yunu is the temple area called On in the bible and later Heliopolis.
To-She is the manmade oasis of Fayoum and
Khmunu the capital and temple for Thoth, later the town was called Hermopolis Magna and the city close by is Minia. On the east bank one find remains of
Akhetaten, the shortlived but legendary capital of Enchaton, close to todays city Minia.
Zawty is the area of the large city Asyut today
Abedju was the name for the place we today find Abydos temple and
Iunet the area for the Hathor temple in Dendera.
Waset is the ancient name for Luxor and not the Greek name Thebes.
Ta-Sna is Esna, Nekheb El-Kab and Djeba the temple area of Edfu. Further south
Djeba is the city of Edfu
Nebet or today Kom Ombo and
Swenet is the ancient name for Aswan.

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